Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday, March 29, 2013

Simple Acknowledgement to the Kebayan Production Team

Thank you.

Without the Kebayan production, I wouldn't know these people as much as I know them now.

Thank you for the inside jokes.
Thank you for the endless "university" dramas.
Thank you for the "I think I know where this is heading" moments.
Thank you for laughing at the same thing as I do.
Thank you for sharing your experiences and advices.
Thank you for caring about me.
Thank you for the experience.
Thank you for being my friends.

Just.. Thank you.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Work, Current Production

Things are getting more nerve-recking now that we have less than a month till the event. What I do everyday these past few weeks and some more weeks to come is managing my time and action plan between school courseworks and this production, but I kid you not, I feel so good as this is a first time experience working with theatre team. Praying hard everyday that it will turn out a success. I just love working on a project despite all the drama, stress, tears and blood(?) and to work with fellow Malaysians in Uni that is not in Malaysia? and to be appointed as Head of Media and Design department? Kinda another dream come true..

Brief info on the event:
University of Portsmouth Malaysian Society presents Malaysian Night 2013. A night promising a tale of love and despair entitled KEBAYAN: The Untold Story; instilled with magnificent cultural performances as well. 
Taking place at the dignified and beautiful Kings Theatre, Portsmouth this upcoming March 27.
To support with the marketing of the production I shall do this............ Please followers, readers, please be nice and view these links..
Don't miss any updates from Portsmouth Malaysian Night 2013 and follow our Twitter. Our username is @MNight13UPMY and we trend #KebayanUntold13.
LIKE our Portsmouth Malaysian Night 2013 official Facebook page where we post MORE INFO over 140 characters!

Monday, January 28, 2013

"Winter Break In The UK" Videos Are Now Available

I promised some people I'll get back to them on these... a month ago. hihihihihihi.

Sorry, just that I've been very busy with course works and real-life after the holidays with classes and lectures so this task has been put on delay, but fret no more cause I've finally produced this video montage last weekend. I wanted to personally give the .mov files to people who asked for it esp Ha and Ili and make like a special film premiere and watch it and reminisce em together with feels or something but being too way far away makes that out of the question.

This film you're gonna watch down here tells a story of some kids wondering around the South East of England (where I live) and up till the high north, Manchester. Unfortunately, the filmmaker(me) didn't capture much of the starting of the adventure in a form of "moving visual images" aka videos, so this first part is presented as photographs montage and only some bit of cool videos. At least they're the "I promise you" cool ones inc. David Hasselhoff, memes and ELLIE GOULDING. 

This is the second part of the trip video. In this part of the video contains footage that I shot in Liverpool, London and Oxford. I guess I should explained this by now; while I was on my Christmas break, Ha and Ili came and visited me all the way from Malaysia, so I planned a whole round (well not really) tour of England! What you're watching down here are some random and "pointless to you, but not to me" clips that I have again, put together from a memorable collection.

Happy memories... Good times.... 

Not much that I can render, since all of the videos are handphone's camera quality. Modest and honest me say I'm no professional in this hahaha. I wasn't sure how to keep certain quality as I scaled the video. Idk I feel like punching your throat because exporting a single video takes an awful endless amount of time. Though all that I still spent one whole day with a friendly company called Adobe Premiere for these, so you better enjoyed them as you watched them! Sank you if you do.

and again with the thanks to my friends; the ones who has their faces, names and whatsoever related in the videos. You seriously rule.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Belated beginning, oHey!

I am back! Bet you didn't expect that.

Too much has happened after last post.

2012 was one of the very best year I had lived throughout my life. To sum up why it was great to me; my nephew, Aimar was born on February 22nd. I finished my foundation program in the same month. I started working in a bakery shop, first job ever in life. I finally decided what I posses to do in the future (still not 100 percent clear the picture there, but there's something). I moved far far away from home where I lived since I was born. I had intense excess of feels eg. homesick - I like really know now how it feels like to actually miss people like fo real. I learned about responsibility, maturity and cartoons. I lost some pals, yet I met new ones. Got a new lover HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA not. Biggest life wish came true when I went to my favourite ever musician on planet earth's concert. Another dream granted to travel around UK with close mates. I met Ellie Goulding. I met David Hasselhoff and I do not kid you. I found happiness. I was slapped with a pang of proof that dreams are not just dreams. The idea of possibilities are...... can I just smile and cry and appreciate and feel hugely grateful to God Almighty because He is the reason for all of this to happen to me. Another year of change and jolly, a so much better version.

Hi 2013.

A new year's resolution: to not lose anymore companion that I happen to care about, but I just don't show it (unless they pass away).

Christmas break just ended. Now I am on my first week of Spring term..

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You and Adam, you guys were really just across each other?


Front row-to the right.. That. genuinely. in actual fact. happened.

Intro *this is the precious minutes in life*, where Adam Young came out crawling on stage in HMV Institute Digbeth, Birmingham, UK on October 26, 2012.

It was all kicking in that he’s an actual guy and this guy is a non-fictional human being. 

I also had the worst post concert depression of my life (yet or might be ever). My heart and my brain is still wounded till today. It hit me as immediate as the concert ended. Like you were literally in your ultimate dream world for 3 hours then bam reality hits; which is bruOOootal. Then obviously I could not avoid people from asking such, "Hey Lidiya, how was Owl City?" "You and Adam, you guys were really just across each other how's the feels?"

.... honestly dear mates, I do not know how to convey it into words. Really? how was it seeing my favorite musician ever in life? I was hypnotized... So basically I don't know why I'm even trying to post something right now. 

Brief description: Owl City performed a total of 22 songs. Now to think back about that... How did he even? The Midsummer Station tracks alongside other from the previous albums and a new unpublished song and the classic and even the song from other project beside Owl City which definitely sounded so good live; Adam and his amazing live band were magnificent in each and every way. So happy. My guy owned the stage. The whole crew put on appearance that you could never get at other musician's concert. Just from Bre, Steve, Jasper and Daniel.. Just Owl City.

Here's the part where I called "Adam!" and he waved back at me just because he knows I'm Gold and Gold is my favourite song when the Shooting Star EP was released. The camera went shaky at the exact occurrence because I was fangirling.

Next, is Daniel Jorgensen. Meeting and talking to this guy personally is worth bragging about. 

I'll tell you the "7 Things I Like About Daniel": #1 Daniel is the bassist of the Owl City live crew. #2 Daniel has been friends with Adam Young since forever. #3 Daniel also has his own musical project, it is beautiful and it is called Carinthia. #4 Daniel is the definition of gentleman and sweetheart. #5 Daniel answered all of the questions thrown to him by fans (inc some personal ones), such a cool, honest and open-minded person. #6 He admire dark haired girl, so I admire him. #7 Daniel signed my iPod, because Adam didn't.

I wish Adam and the crew all the best for the upcoming shows. Whoever can know or say, will I ever see Owl City live again? When can we do this again? When can I see you again? When can we do this again? When can I see you again?

Dreams don't turn to dust.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


"When 8-bit and 3D computer animation collide, my soul exploded with happy feels." 
^ photos are not mine

Just for the record, this post has no spoilers with the upcoming animation, "Wreck-It Ralph" by Disney Pixar. Its not even out yet till November 2nd. I just thought with this excitement boiling in me, I'd like to make an appreciation post and you could get to know the odd side of my passion better.

If you do not really care much, continue reading with no judgement, but for any other Disney lovers who do not have the same thought with what I am about to say, maybe I should apologize to you in advance for being just too excited to see these new characters be accepted into the Disney family.. Long-term thinking, it is gonna be pretty strange that Ralph, Sonic, Felix, Calhoun, Vanellope von Schweetz and all the others are soon to officially be called "Disney Classic" characters for our future sons, daughters and grandchildren... A classic to turn modern and to turn classic again. That is how the world works. eg. Sonic and Pac Man are already are already a part of our life, in mine at least. I played the game in arcades and on my old huge PC monitor till my eyes and head hurt.
Yes, very unalike our generation of Disney where we have the original princesses like Cinderella,  Belle, Ariel or we have Pinocchio, Simba or whoever have you, well... this is the future. Eventually this old-new game characters will be placed into the Disney on Ice Shows, touring around the world, but who knows if Ice Shows is still going on in 2030? I’m sure they’ll find places for these guys. Now I'm rambling and I don't know where I'm heading because now as you can tell, I love Disney too much.

Appreciation post resume to share what I've been watching, for future me and you readers who are too bored with life at the moment (you probably are, because why else would you bother to visit my blog), you can check out these TV Spots to absorb some happiness:

Well, I'm just extremely thrilled to see Wreck-It Ralph, I love cartoons, I love classic arcade games come on look at that cute thing....

^ photo is not mine

, that is all.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

First month progression check

And honestly, I feel like I've been here for too long, much longer than a month. I've completely forgotten the smell of my niece and nephew.... It is heartbreaking to see them only through Skype video calls because they grow up too fast. Just yesterday they were still bald. Today they could already imitate me clapping my hands and I've witnessed them go berserk at each other.

Back to me.

I could get use to this new life. It is the only choice I have and I am going to be optimistic about it. Let's start. First, my course units are interesting;
  1. Introduction to Computer Graphics
    - Basic Illustrator and Photoshop and SketchUp again.
  2. Scripting and Interactive Web
    - Flash and Programming!! my favourite.
  3. Web Engineering and Design
    - Big website development, business team role-play project. Serious stuff.
  4. Digital Filming and Technology
    - Basically learning the filming terms, technics, equipments, setting and more with workshops.
  5. E-Portfolio
    - Assistance upon preparing my own web based portfolio/CV.
  6. Foundation in 3D Modelling
    - Rendering 3D objects and mock-ups using AutoDesk 3Ds Max with some dang Maths and Physics concepts. For now, is the hardest thing ever. 

    I cried when I failed to make my ball bounce convincingly, and I cried again even when I did it!
Then, I have a personal tutor and I sense he is a sneaky guy. He has white hair and a deep voice, but he knows who is dating who in the faculty and I hope he will never found this blog. I like my room in Trafalgar Hall. I also really like the fact that my Hall and my faculty building are literally opposite each other, like if I have class at 10:00AM, I could roll out off bed at 9.45AM and I'll still be early (possibly looking like crap at the same time).

Now I'm already in my week 4 of lectures, practicals and workshops. First coursework has been given out and I'm scratching my head.

I made new friends...... and I commit myself to always keep in touch with my hometown friends. I refuse to let the typical, "I can't hear you", "your face is pixelated" -those sort of connection problems from effecting anything even though it can be pretty tiring sometimes. Hm. Then time difference. That's inevitable, but it is actually not that bad to receive 200+ notifications on Whatsapp to wake up to now.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hey guests/friends/stalkers,

I have nothing else to kill time (I could finish up some of my Flash animation work, but I think I’ll write one post to update life in a blog form). So yeah, I never expected this to come; studying and living abroad alone used to be just a fantasy, but now I am currently in my room 12-3-2 in Trafalgar Hall, Portsmouth having coffee, scones from ASDA Supermarket and cream cheese for breakfast (same as for the past 7 days).

Owl City is still blasting from my iPod dock because I'm still me.

Two years ago before starting my foundation program in Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia, and whenever this thought came across my mind, I will just laugh at myself. I never had a clue what I want to do and where I want to be for the rest of my life after "failing" SPM. The thing is, I'm not an "academic smart" human and my brain is not qualified for stuff like Mathematics, extreme critical thinking, reading 600 pages of world and human history, scientific facts and stuff like that if you know what I mean. I am more of a practical and technological person. People go to me to talk or solve problem on computers, softwares, events, art, design, music, movies, animation for knowledge. Even just that, with just a few A's on my school certificates, I am forever blessed with a family who is always there to lend me a hand and two.

Feels? Dreamlike..  I’m sure the upcoming journey will surely be too long to get a grip on. I pray to God everyday that I won’t waste this chance that is given to me, a nobody me. I want to experience everything (in everything I mean the good and the righteous stuff). 

Till we meet again, like ones.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Paris, France

Manchester -Air France to Paris.

Fortunately for my parents and I, we managed to rent an apartment (Thanks to Airbnb) located very very near to the significant, Eiffel Tower. I really enjoyed Tour de Eiffel at night time, so it was lovely to pass by it every night walking home. I can't and I had that very clichè  "can I be here with my life partner right now for no apparent reason?" moment. It was ridiculous.


Then there's Notre Dame, Arc De Triomphe, Place De La Concorde and proud to say I witnessed them all. They are as pretty as a picture.

Galeries Lafayette is a very stunning shopping gallery and I love colours!

My first trip to this 'city of roller coaster' was soul threatening and I just have to state these stressing occurrences;  language barrier, sucky public transportation, boiling weather, smelly road. I don't feel like....... ., ah.. so n0.

By the way, enjoy this famous and my favorite French song just because,