Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You and Adam, you guys were really just across each other?


Front row-to the right.. That. genuinely. in actual fact. happened.

Intro *this is the precious minutes in life*, where Adam Young came out crawling on stage in HMV Institute Digbeth, Birmingham, UK on October 26, 2012.

It was all kicking in that he’s an actual guy and this guy is a non-fictional human being. 

I also had the worst post concert depression of my life (yet or might be ever). My heart and my brain is still wounded till today. It hit me as immediate as the concert ended. Like you were literally in your ultimate dream world for 3 hours then bam reality hits; which is bruOOootal. Then obviously I could not avoid people from asking such, "Hey Lidiya, how was Owl City?" "You and Adam, you guys were really just across each other how's the feels?"

.... honestly dear mates, I do not know how to convey it into words. Really? how was it seeing my favorite musician ever in life? I was hypnotized... So basically I don't know why I'm even trying to post something right now. 

Brief description: Owl City performed a total of 22 songs. Now to think back about that... How did he even? The Midsummer Station tracks alongside other from the previous albums and a new unpublished song and the classic and even the song from other project beside Owl City which definitely sounded so good live; Adam and his amazing live band were magnificent in each and every way. So happy. My guy owned the stage. The whole crew put on appearance that you could never get at other musician's concert. Just from Bre, Steve, Jasper and Daniel.. Just Owl City.

Here's the part where I called "Adam!" and he waved back at me just because he knows I'm Gold and Gold is my favourite song when the Shooting Star EP was released. The camera went shaky at the exact occurrence because I was fangirling.

Next, is Daniel Jorgensen. Meeting and talking to this guy personally is worth bragging about. 

I'll tell you the "7 Things I Like About Daniel": #1 Daniel is the bassist of the Owl City live crew. #2 Daniel has been friends with Adam Young since forever. #3 Daniel also has his own musical project, it is beautiful and it is called Carinthia. #4 Daniel is the definition of gentleman and sweetheart. #5 Daniel answered all of the questions thrown to him by fans (inc some personal ones), such a cool, honest and open-minded person. #6 He admire dark haired girl, so I admire him. #7 Daniel signed my iPod, because Adam didn't.

I wish Adam and the crew all the best for the upcoming shows. Whoever can know or say, will I ever see Owl City live again? When can we do this again? When can I see you again? When can we do this again? When can I see you again?

Dreams don't turn to dust.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


"When 8-bit and 3D computer animation collide, my soul exploded with happy feels." 
^ photos are not mine

Just for the record, this post has no spoilers with the upcoming animation, "Wreck-It Ralph" by Disney Pixar. Its not even out yet till November 2nd. I just thought with this excitement boiling in me, I'd like to make an appreciation post and you could get to know the odd side of my passion better.

If you do not really care much, continue reading with no judgement, but for any other Disney lovers who do not have the same thought with what I am about to say, maybe I should apologize to you in advance for being just too excited to see these new characters be accepted into the Disney family.. Long-term thinking, it is gonna be pretty strange that Ralph, Sonic, Felix, Calhoun, Vanellope von Schweetz and all the others are soon to officially be called "Disney Classic" characters for our future sons, daughters and grandchildren... A classic to turn modern and to turn classic again. That is how the world works. eg. Sonic and Pac Man are already are already a part of our life, in mine at least. I played the game in arcades and on my old huge PC monitor till my eyes and head hurt.
Yes, very unalike our generation of Disney where we have the original princesses like Cinderella,  Belle, Ariel or we have Pinocchio, Simba or whoever have you, well... this is the future. Eventually this old-new game characters will be placed into the Disney on Ice Shows, touring around the world, but who knows if Ice Shows is still going on in 2030? I’m sure they’ll find places for these guys. Now I'm rambling and I don't know where I'm heading because now as you can tell, I love Disney too much.

Appreciation post resume to share what I've been watching, for future me and you readers who are too bored with life at the moment (you probably are, because why else would you bother to visit my blog), you can check out these TV Spots to absorb some happiness:

Well, I'm just extremely thrilled to see Wreck-It Ralph, I love cartoons, I love classic arcade games come on look at that cute thing....

^ photo is not mine

, that is all.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

First month progression check

And honestly, I feel like I've been here for too long, much longer than a month. I've completely forgotten the smell of my niece and nephew.... It is heartbreaking to see them only through Skype video calls because they grow up too fast. Just yesterday they were still bald. Today they could already imitate me clapping my hands and I've witnessed them go berserk at each other.

Back to me.

I could get use to this new life. It is the only choice I have and I am going to be optimistic about it. Let's start. First, my course units are interesting;
  1. Introduction to Computer Graphics
    - Basic Illustrator and Photoshop and SketchUp again.
  2. Scripting and Interactive Web
    - Flash and Programming!! my favourite.
  3. Web Engineering and Design
    - Big website development, business team role-play project. Serious stuff.
  4. Digital Filming and Technology
    - Basically learning the filming terms, technics, equipments, setting and more with workshops.
  5. E-Portfolio
    - Assistance upon preparing my own web based portfolio/CV.
  6. Foundation in 3D Modelling
    - Rendering 3D objects and mock-ups using AutoDesk 3Ds Max with some dang Maths and Physics concepts. For now, is the hardest thing ever. 

    I cried when I failed to make my ball bounce convincingly, and I cried again even when I did it!
Then, I have a personal tutor and I sense he is a sneaky guy. He has white hair and a deep voice, but he knows who is dating who in the faculty and I hope he will never found this blog. I like my room in Trafalgar Hall. I also really like the fact that my Hall and my faculty building are literally opposite each other, like if I have class at 10:00AM, I could roll out off bed at 9.45AM and I'll still be early (possibly looking like crap at the same time).

Now I'm already in my week 4 of lectures, practicals and workshops. First coursework has been given out and I'm scratching my head.

I made new friends...... and I commit myself to always keep in touch with my hometown friends. I refuse to let the typical, "I can't hear you", "your face is pixelated" -those sort of connection problems from effecting anything even though it can be pretty tiring sometimes. Hm. Then time difference. That's inevitable, but it is actually not that bad to receive 200+ notifications on Whatsapp to wake up to now.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hey guests/friends/stalkers,

I have nothing else to kill time (I could finish up some of my Flash animation work, but I think I’ll write one post to update life in a blog form). So yeah, I never expected this to come; studying and living abroad alone used to be just a fantasy, but now I am currently in my room 12-3-2 in Trafalgar Hall, Portsmouth having coffee, scones from ASDA Supermarket and cream cheese for breakfast (same as for the past 7 days).

Owl City is still blasting from my iPod dock because I'm still me.

Two years ago before starting my foundation program in Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia, and whenever this thought came across my mind, I will just laugh at myself. I never had a clue what I want to do and where I want to be for the rest of my life after "failing" SPM. The thing is, I'm not an "academic smart" human and my brain is not qualified for stuff like Mathematics, extreme critical thinking, reading 600 pages of world and human history, scientific facts and stuff like that if you know what I mean. I am more of a practical and technological person. People go to me to talk or solve problem on computers, softwares, events, art, design, music, movies, animation for knowledge. Even just that, with just a few A's on my school certificates, I am forever blessed with a family who is always there to lend me a hand and two.

Feels? Dreamlike..  I’m sure the upcoming journey will surely be too long to get a grip on. I pray to God everyday that I won’t waste this chance that is given to me, a nobody me. I want to experience everything (in everything I mean the good and the righteous stuff). 

Till we meet again, like ones.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Paris, France

Manchester -Air France to Paris.

Fortunately for my parents and I, we managed to rent an apartment (Thanks to Airbnb) located very very near to the significant, Eiffel Tower. I really enjoyed Tour de Eiffel at night time, so it was lovely to pass by it every night walking home. I can't and I had that very clichè  "can I be here with my life partner right now for no apparent reason?" moment. It was ridiculous.


Then there's Notre Dame, Arc De Triomphe, Place De La Concorde and proud to say I witnessed them all. They are as pretty as a picture.

Galeries Lafayette is a very stunning shopping gallery and I love colours!

My first trip to this 'city of roller coaster' was soul threatening and I just have to state these stressing occurrences;  language barrier, sucky public transportation, boiling weather, smelly road. I don't feel like....... ., ah.. so n0.

By the way, enjoy this famous and my favorite French song just because,


Love is like a roller coaster ride? They never describe the risk level of the ride. It could just be a kids' themed park roller coaster. It could a supreme one.

This is too random, but to sound sneaky, this has a connection to my next post.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


The whole idea of my parents to come with me to UK this time is because my dad wanted to explore some other part of United Kingdom (besides London) and Europe... with a time limit. So basically, I was only in Manchester for 2 nights before.... we'll get back to that.

So, from London Euston we took a Virgin train to Manchester Piccadilly then a Metrolink tram (hey they have tram service here!) to 'The Works Aparthotel' which is a very nice apartment with a very affordable night rates, with a very nice Bulgarian guy who greeted us into the building.

Opposite to my apartment is a massive but not to mall called Arndale.

I am not a fan of sports, let alone football. So being in a city that is well known for being a city of sport is pretty awkward, but it was Papa's birthday on the 6/9 and he is a loyal Manchester United fan even before I was born so hey, we went to Old Trafford just because it fits!

Happy 58th Pa, the now grandpa!

Let's talk about what my future industry now. Media. I just learned that Manchester is pretty huge with its creative and digital industries. In fact, it's the second most hyped about in England next to London. I would really like to visit the new MediaCityUK which I didn't manage to during this short visit. I'm pretty sure I will like Manchester more than I already do, if I did.

Friday, September 7, 2012


I've been keeping posts in my draft, it's not healthy.

So I am finally back in the United Kingdom!

London felt like home. Last time I was here for a month was less than a year from today. So I never sorta left behind the familiar smell and sound and taste.. ? Still the busiest, still the most overpriced city of all England.

Here's some personal, yet lifetime memorable, yet unnecessary photos:

Las Iguanas in Southbank and London Eye

Handsome name in an underground tube station and Piccadilly Station

Launderette service and the yummiest American Diner, Tinseltown in Bayswater

Southbank and Piccadilly Circus

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Midsummer Station

^ album artwork is not mine

I have always been a fan of this electronic genre musical project called 'Owl City' created by Adam Randal Young, who is a moderate-looking American guy, multi-instrumentalist, producer, song writer and a vocalist. 

To the people who personally know me, have your laugh at how calm I introduced myself there. 
Ok done?


I feel bad. You know you should show your support to your favorite musician by buying their record. How else do they make money I mean, yes. So I'll make sure someone will buy me the album when it comes out. A person who cares about me, so they'll leave a sentimental value together with it to grow old with perhaps?  

Other Owl City fans were reeeeeaaaaally scared for this album after the released of 'Good Time' featuring the mainstream pop-star, Carly Rae Jepsen in June and thought Owl City has lost his originality of pure electronic synth pop sound and heading mainstream and trying to obtain only fame. They were wrong. It may sound different from the previous records Ocean Eyes (2009) and All Things Bright and Beautiful (2011) but it is still, very Adam. To me, The Midsummer Station turned out far better than expected. After hearing all of the full tracks I have to say, the album expresses the usual Owl City dreamy synth pop, dance, dubstep, ambient, alternative pop rock, mushy sentimental genre all in one. Can we just appreciate the fact that this guy can do it all? Because Adam can do everything when it comes to music.
Just a quick response towards the humans who won’t embrace Adam’s masterpiece of this record (mostly the outrageous negative responses towards 'Bombshell Blonde' dubstep mix sound), I’ll simply state the wise words of Rick Nelson in his song 'Garden Party' that Adam Young himself did a cover of, 

“you can’t please everyone, so you gotta please yourself.” 

Adam is pleased.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Here’s to the friends

Here’s to the friends that:

I like to talk about my secrets, brilliant, smart, deep stuff with.
I like to talk upon interest, likes, dislikes, weird, craze stuff with.
I’m on neutral judgement towards our conversations.

I just thought about this earlier today after meeting and talking to four friends from different gang of the above. I have this silly prayer deep down that I badly want to end up with a person that I could talk brilliant, weird, neutral stuff all together because we just can. Life would be awesome.

Here's the catch.

Here's to the friends that I can't stand conversing with, yet I still consider as a friend.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ariana Grande - Die In Your Arms (Cover)

I like red heads' and I like Ariana Grande and I like Justin Bieber's new record and I like how she put Fergie's lyrics in this cover and I've been acting like a goof for hours while cuddling my pillow to this.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blogging on my last night here in Jakarta. That is a photo of a vehicle called "Becak".

To conclude this trip, I don't find Jakarta as an enjoyable vacation spot. There's no worth activities/attractions here. My friends and I went to a cinema in an urban mall called Gandaria City and watched The Dark Knight Rises on my first day here. We basically can do that in Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur. Unless you want to do some serious raya/cloth shopping, though most people would head to Bandung instead of Jakarta. The traffic in this city killed me. Malaysian thought Kuala Lumpur is bad, wait till you've experienced this place. We literally spent more hours dozing off in the car than at the place to visit itself.

Day 1: Went to Gandaria City. Had "Roti Bakar" for lunch at Roppan.

Day 2: Went to Tanah Abang. Can you imagine cars stuck inside a road market full with people walking around.

Day 3: Went to Mayestik. Pretty and cheap fabrics.

Day 4: Visited the Monas Monument then went to Plaza Blok B where we had dinner "Nasi Padang" from Restoran Sederhana.

I still have to admit not shopping here is impossible. I don't know if I should consider myself lucky or not for bringing only IDR1,000,000. I really didn't want to shop in the beginning. But well, truth been told there are too many insanely cheap fabrics and clothes here. People warned me about this, yet the price still caught me by surprise.
Pashmina IDR 20,000 =  RM6 each.    Tie-Dye IDR 30,000 = RM10 each.

Tanah Abang and Mayestik are the ultimate shopping plaza/market here. Tanah Abang has so many blocks of buildings and the countless floors. The place is huge. You can find similar stores on each floor. My favorite purchased would be an Indonesian Maxi Dress with some gold patterned priced IDR130,000 (RM40). Exactly like the ones I've always wanted, but always seems too pricey back at home. RM600 down to what I paid. Ridiculous KL, I say.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jakarta, Indonesia.

"Wany, Jaksel is the state or the city?", I asked.

I made a fool of myself when I pronounced it as JACK-CELL. Lol. If you are still as clueless as I was; Jaksel stands for Jakarta Selatan (South Jakarta). I am currently here, in the city of Jaksel, Indonesia. One of my primary school friend, Wany and her whole family recently moved here.

It took me only one day and a half to plan this whole trip. It was a last minute agreement between me and my best friend, Hani. She had her work annual leave for two days and Whatsapped me asking if it's possible for us to go for a short holiday somewhere. I just said let's visit Wany because I thought of her house and that's free and it was just a nice random thought since the last time I've been to Jakarta was when I was 3 years old and Hani wanted to do some raya shopping and this place is pretty appropriate for that.

We boarded on a 10:25PM, last AirAsia Indonesia plane on July 28th 2012 while squealing because it is really happening. Especially to Hani. This is her first oversea's trip with a friend.

Wany and her whole family including Pak Siran, the driver picked us up from the airport at 12:00AM local time. Big family of 9, now plus me and Hani. Too many enthusiasm in the house, in the car, every where..

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Preparation Progress #1.


What's the fuss, everyone? Me? Torn deciding whether I should go major in Event Management or the newly introduced course, Digital Media. Ok. Decided what I like more. Then I had to start looking for the better place for that undergraduate course, should I stay in Limkokwing University or go abroad? Fine. Abroad. So Manchester Metropolitan University or University of Portsmouth? Funding. Savings. Scholarships. Loans.


Took me about 4 months figuring out what to do for the rest of my life to come after completing my Foundation in Communication program in LUCT. Alhamdullilah, today...........

Place in University: Accepted.
Academic and Course Registration: Checked.

Student Visa Tier 4: Checked.

Accommodation/Student Halls Residence: Checked.

I will soon be flying to United Kingdom and will be staying there and schooling there between the duration from September 10, 2012 until June 30, 2015 (or around that).


Flight: S00n.

Feeling kind of restless waiting for the flight update from my agent. "The flight is full for now, so you and your family are on the waiting list just in case someone cancels," she said. That last news does not make me feel any less anxious though. Papa seems to look calm about it, so I guess I just have to put my patience on guard. I'm feeling that typical thrilled and nervous feeling at the same time.

Can I do this?

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Loaf. Me?

Now I officially have time to write!
Shop name: The Loaf Bakery & Café.
Location: Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya.

I've been spending 5-6 days a week since April 28, 2012 making RM6.00 per hour, RM66.00 per day as a service crew in this bakery shop.

What I like about working here is how you're not stuck on doing the same thing the whole day. There's the first day of work and as a newbie you just have to arrange breads in the same time recognize its name and ingredients. Be informed with customer's favorite like "Cranberry Cheese" and "Chicken Mushroom Pie". I find it interesting to communicate with regular and one-time customers. They amuse me. 
Communication. What my study field is all about anyway.

I learned the barista's work and on how to manage stuff in hot kitchen. I finally understood the difference between a cup of white coffe, café latte and cappuccino which later lead me to make fun of people who are still unaware of these differences (for no apparent reason). Third day of work, I already mastered on preparing some A-class sandwiches. Smokin Salmon Panini, Mixed-Mushroom Croissant, Ham & Cheese Tartine, you name it! (this could also be an exaggeration lie)

At the end of the everyday that I work till closing shift, I could bring tons and bags of wastage breads. Free breads always made my mama jolly. 

But that kind of happiness obviously didn't last. This is the end of my chapter as a part-timer in bakery shop. My last day of work was on July 7th, 2012. Leaving all the boys. Yeah, I just said boys.

My last day of work's gift to the friendly colleague.
It's supposed to say 'THANK' 'YOU' 'THE LOAF'.

Oh well...

P/s: I heard there's a link between sandwiches, coffee and a good wife. So, all I need now are an advance coffee maker machine, ingredients for sandwiches and a husband.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Great Ocean Road.

Melbourne is a nice city, but I don't feel like sharing the whole experience except for this one. The Great Ocean Road is my favorite part of my whole Aussie trip. Enjoy.

God is good.