Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jakarta, Indonesia.

"Wany, Jaksel is the state or the city?", I asked.

I made a fool of myself when I pronounced it as JACK-CELL. Lol. If you are still as clueless as I was; Jaksel stands for Jakarta Selatan (South Jakarta). I am currently here, in the city of Jaksel, Indonesia. One of my primary school friend, Wany and her whole family recently moved here.

It took me only one day and a half to plan this whole trip. It was a last minute agreement between me and my best friend, Hani. She had her work annual leave for two days and Whatsapped me asking if it's possible for us to go for a short holiday somewhere. I just said let's visit Wany because I thought of her house and that's free and it was just a nice random thought since the last time I've been to Jakarta was when I was 3 years old and Hani wanted to do some raya shopping and this place is pretty appropriate for that.

We boarded on a 10:25PM, last AirAsia Indonesia plane on July 28th 2012 while squealing because it is really happening. Especially to Hani. This is her first oversea's trip with a friend.

Wany and her whole family including Pak Siran, the driver picked us up from the airport at 12:00AM local time. Big family of 9, now plus me and Hani. Too many enthusiasm in the house, in the car, every where..

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Preparation Progress #1.


What's the fuss, everyone? Me? Torn deciding whether I should go major in Event Management or the newly introduced course, Digital Media. Ok. Decided what I like more. Then I had to start looking for the better place for that undergraduate course, should I stay in Limkokwing University or go abroad? Fine. Abroad. So Manchester Metropolitan University or University of Portsmouth? Funding. Savings. Scholarships. Loans.


Took me about 4 months figuring out what to do for the rest of my life to come after completing my Foundation in Communication program in LUCT. Alhamdullilah, today...........

Place in University: Accepted.
Academic and Course Registration: Checked.

Student Visa Tier 4: Checked.

Accommodation/Student Halls Residence: Checked.

I will soon be flying to United Kingdom and will be staying there and schooling there between the duration from September 10, 2012 until June 30, 2015 (or around that).


Flight: S00n.

Feeling kind of restless waiting for the flight update from my agent. "The flight is full for now, so you and your family are on the waiting list just in case someone cancels," she said. That last news does not make me feel any less anxious though. Papa seems to look calm about it, so I guess I just have to put my patience on guard. I'm feeling that typical thrilled and nervous feeling at the same time.

Can I do this?

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Loaf. Me?

Now I officially have time to write!
Shop name: The Loaf Bakery & Café.
Location: Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya.

I've been spending 5-6 days a week since April 28, 2012 making RM6.00 per hour, RM66.00 per day as a service crew in this bakery shop.

What I like about working here is how you're not stuck on doing the same thing the whole day. There's the first day of work and as a newbie you just have to arrange breads in the same time recognize its name and ingredients. Be informed with customer's favorite like "Cranberry Cheese" and "Chicken Mushroom Pie". I find it interesting to communicate with regular and one-time customers. They amuse me. 
Communication. What my study field is all about anyway.

I learned the barista's work and on how to manage stuff in hot kitchen. I finally understood the difference between a cup of white coffe, café latte and cappuccino which later lead me to make fun of people who are still unaware of these differences (for no apparent reason). Third day of work, I already mastered on preparing some A-class sandwiches. Smokin Salmon Panini, Mixed-Mushroom Croissant, Ham & Cheese Tartine, you name it! (this could also be an exaggeration lie)

At the end of the everyday that I work till closing shift, I could bring tons and bags of wastage breads. Free breads always made my mama jolly. 

But that kind of happiness obviously didn't last. This is the end of my chapter as a part-timer in bakery shop. My last day of work was on July 7th, 2012. Leaving all the boys. Yeah, I just said boys.

My last day of work's gift to the friendly colleague.
It's supposed to say 'THANK' 'YOU' 'THE LOAF'.

Oh well...

P/s: I heard there's a link between sandwiches, coffee and a good wife. So, all I need now are an advance coffee maker machine, ingredients for sandwiches and a husband.