Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hey guests/friends/stalkers,

I have nothing else to kill time (I could finish up some of my Flash animation work, but I think I’ll write one post to update life in a blog form). So yeah, I never expected this to come; studying and living abroad alone used to be just a fantasy, but now I am currently in my room 12-3-2 in Trafalgar Hall, Portsmouth having coffee, scones from ASDA Supermarket and cream cheese for breakfast (same as for the past 7 days).

Owl City is still blasting from my iPod dock because I'm still me.

Two years ago before starting my foundation program in Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia, and whenever this thought came across my mind, I will just laugh at myself. I never had a clue what I want to do and where I want to be for the rest of my life after "failing" SPM. The thing is, I'm not an "academic smart" human and my brain is not qualified for stuff like Mathematics, extreme critical thinking, reading 600 pages of world and human history, scientific facts and stuff like that if you know what I mean. I am more of a practical and technological person. People go to me to talk or solve problem on computers, softwares, events, art, design, music, movies, animation for knowledge. Even just that, with just a few A's on my school certificates, I am forever blessed with a family who is always there to lend me a hand and two.

Feels? Dreamlike..  I’m sure the upcoming journey will surely be too long to get a grip on. I pray to God everyday that I won’t waste this chance that is given to me, a nobody me. I want to experience everything (in everything I mean the good and the righteous stuff). 

Till we meet again, like ones.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Paris, France

Manchester -Air France to Paris.

Fortunately for my parents and I, we managed to rent an apartment (Thanks to Airbnb) located very very near to the significant, Eiffel Tower. I really enjoyed Tour de Eiffel at night time, so it was lovely to pass by it every night walking home. I can't and I had that very clichè  "can I be here with my life partner right now for no apparent reason?" moment. It was ridiculous.


Then there's Notre Dame, Arc De Triomphe, Place De La Concorde and proud to say I witnessed them all. They are as pretty as a picture.

Galeries Lafayette is a very stunning shopping gallery and I love colours!

My first trip to this 'city of roller coaster' was soul threatening and I just have to state these stressing occurrences;  language barrier, sucky public transportation, boiling weather, smelly road. I don't feel like....... ., ah.. so n0.

By the way, enjoy this famous and my favorite French song just because,


Love is like a roller coaster ride? They never describe the risk level of the ride. It could just be a kids' themed park roller coaster. It could a supreme one.

This is too random, but to sound sneaky, this has a connection to my next post.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


The whole idea of my parents to come with me to UK this time is because my dad wanted to explore some other part of United Kingdom (besides London) and Europe... with a time limit. So basically, I was only in Manchester for 2 nights before.... we'll get back to that.

So, from London Euston we took a Virgin train to Manchester Piccadilly then a Metrolink tram (hey they have tram service here!) to 'The Works Aparthotel' which is a very nice apartment with a very affordable night rates, with a very nice Bulgarian guy who greeted us into the building.

Opposite to my apartment is a massive but not to mall called Arndale.

I am not a fan of sports, let alone football. So being in a city that is well known for being a city of sport is pretty awkward, but it was Papa's birthday on the 6/9 and he is a loyal Manchester United fan even before I was born so hey, we went to Old Trafford just because it fits!

Happy 58th Pa, the now grandpa!

Let's talk about what my future industry now. Media. I just learned that Manchester is pretty huge with its creative and digital industries. In fact, it's the second most hyped about in England next to London. I would really like to visit the new MediaCityUK which I didn't manage to during this short visit. I'm pretty sure I will like Manchester more than I already do, if I did.

Friday, September 7, 2012


I've been keeping posts in my draft, it's not healthy.

So I am finally back in the United Kingdom!

London felt like home. Last time I was here for a month was less than a year from today. So I never sorta left behind the familiar smell and sound and taste.. ? Still the busiest, still the most overpriced city of all England.

Here's some personal, yet lifetime memorable, yet unnecessary photos:

Las Iguanas in Southbank and London Eye

Handsome name in an underground tube station and Piccadilly Station

Launderette service and the yummiest American Diner, Tinseltown in Bayswater

Southbank and Piccadilly Circus