Sunday, September 16, 2012

Paris, France

Manchester -Air France to Paris.

Fortunately for my parents and I, we managed to rent an apartment (Thanks to Airbnb) located very very near to the significant, Eiffel Tower. I really enjoyed Tour de Eiffel at night time, so it was lovely to pass by it every night walking home. I can't and I had that very clichè  "can I be here with my life partner right now for no apparent reason?" moment. It was ridiculous.


Then there's Notre Dame, Arc De Triomphe, Place De La Concorde and proud to say I witnessed them all. They are as pretty as a picture.

Galeries Lafayette is a very stunning shopping gallery and I love colours!

My first trip to this 'city of roller coaster' was soul threatening and I just have to state these stressing occurrences;  language barrier, sucky public transportation, boiling weather, smelly road. I don't feel like....... ., ah.. so n0.

By the way, enjoy this famous and my favorite French song just because,

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  1. This. Is. Not. Fair. Pas. Du. Tout.

    *hahaha la vie en rose sans doute!