Tuesday, October 23, 2012


"When 8-bit and 3D computer animation collide, my soul exploded with happy feels." 
^ photos are not mine

Just for the record, this post has no spoilers with the upcoming animation, "Wreck-It Ralph" by Disney Pixar. Its not even out yet till November 2nd. I just thought with this excitement boiling in me, I'd like to make an appreciation post and you could get to know the odd side of my passion better.

If you do not really care much, continue reading with no judgement, but for any other Disney lovers who do not have the same thought with what I am about to say, maybe I should apologize to you in advance for being just too excited to see these new characters be accepted into the Disney family.. Long-term thinking, it is gonna be pretty strange that Ralph, Sonic, Felix, Calhoun, Vanellope von Schweetz and all the others are soon to officially be called "Disney Classic" characters for our future sons, daughters and grandchildren... A classic to turn modern and to turn classic again. That is how the world works. eg. Sonic and Pac Man are already are already a part of our life, in mine at least. I played the game in arcades and on my old huge PC monitor till my eyes and head hurt.
Yes, very unalike our generation of Disney where we have the original princesses like Cinderella,  Belle, Ariel or we have Pinocchio, Simba or whoever have you, well... this is the future. Eventually this old-new game characters will be placed into the Disney on Ice Shows, touring around the world, but who knows if Ice Shows is still going on in 2030? I’m sure they’ll find places for these guys. Now I'm rambling and I don't know where I'm heading because now as you can tell, I love Disney too much.

Appreciation post resume to share what I've been watching, for future me and you readers who are too bored with life at the moment (you probably are, because why else would you bother to visit my blog), you can check out these TV Spots to absorb some happiness:

Well, I'm just extremely thrilled to see Wreck-It Ralph, I love cartoons, I love classic arcade games come on look at that cute thing....

^ photo is not mine

, that is all.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

First month progression check

And honestly, I feel like I've been here for too long, much longer than a month. I've completely forgotten the smell of my niece and nephew.... It is heartbreaking to see them only through Skype video calls because they grow up too fast. Just yesterday they were still bald. Today they could already imitate me clapping my hands and I've witnessed them go berserk at each other.

Back to me.

I could get use to this new life. It is the only choice I have and I am going to be optimistic about it. Let's start. First, my course units are interesting;
  1. Introduction to Computer Graphics
    - Basic Illustrator and Photoshop and SketchUp again.
  2. Scripting and Interactive Web
    - Flash and Programming!! my favourite.
  3. Web Engineering and Design
    - Big website development, business team role-play project. Serious stuff.
  4. Digital Filming and Technology
    - Basically learning the filming terms, technics, equipments, setting and more with workshops.
  5. E-Portfolio
    - Assistance upon preparing my own web based portfolio/CV.
  6. Foundation in 3D Modelling
    - Rendering 3D objects and mock-ups using AutoDesk 3Ds Max with some dang Maths and Physics concepts. For now, is the hardest thing ever. 

    I cried when I failed to make my ball bounce convincingly, and I cried again even when I did it!
Then, I have a personal tutor and I sense he is a sneaky guy. He has white hair and a deep voice, but he knows who is dating who in the faculty and I hope he will never found this blog. I like my room in Trafalgar Hall. I also really like the fact that my Hall and my faculty building are literally opposite each other, like if I have class at 10:00AM, I could roll out off bed at 9.45AM and I'll still be early (possibly looking like crap at the same time).

Now I'm already in my week 4 of lectures, practicals and workshops. First coursework has been given out and I'm scratching my head.

I made new friends...... and I commit myself to always keep in touch with my hometown friends. I refuse to let the typical, "I can't hear you", "your face is pixelated" -those sort of connection problems from effecting anything even though it can be pretty tiring sometimes. Hm. Then time difference. That's inevitable, but it is actually not that bad to receive 200+ notifications on Whatsapp to wake up to now.