Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You and Adam, you guys were really just across each other?


Front row-to the right.. That. genuinely. in actual fact. happened.

Intro *this is the precious minutes in life*, where Adam Young came out crawling on stage in HMV Institute Digbeth, Birmingham, UK on October 26, 2012.

It was all kicking in that he’s an actual guy and this guy is a non-fictional human being. 

I also had the worst post concert depression of my life (yet or might be ever). My heart and my brain is still wounded till today. It hit me as immediate as the concert ended. Like you were literally in your ultimate dream world for 3 hours then bam reality hits; which is bruOOootal. Then obviously I could not avoid people from asking such, "Hey Lidiya, how was Owl City?" "You and Adam, you guys were really just across each other how's the feels?"

.... honestly dear mates, I do not know how to convey it into words. Really? how was it seeing my favorite musician ever in life? I was hypnotized... So basically I don't know why I'm even trying to post something right now. 

Brief description: Owl City performed a total of 22 songs. Now to think back about that... How did he even? The Midsummer Station tracks alongside other from the previous albums and a new unpublished song and the classic and even the song from other project beside Owl City which definitely sounded so good live; Adam and his amazing live band were magnificent in each and every way. So happy. My guy owned the stage. The whole crew put on appearance that you could never get at other musician's concert. Just from Bre, Steve, Jasper and Daniel.. Just Owl City.

Here's the part where I called "Adam!" and he waved back at me just because he knows I'm Gold and Gold is my favourite song when the Shooting Star EP was released. The camera went shaky at the exact occurrence because I was fangirling.

Next, is Daniel Jorgensen. Meeting and talking to this guy personally is worth bragging about. 

I'll tell you the "7 Things I Like About Daniel": #1 Daniel is the bassist of the Owl City live crew. #2 Daniel has been friends with Adam Young since forever. #3 Daniel also has his own musical project, it is beautiful and it is called Carinthia. #4 Daniel is the definition of gentleman and sweetheart. #5 Daniel answered all of the questions thrown to him by fans (inc some personal ones), such a cool, honest and open-minded person. #6 He admire dark haired girl, so I admire him. #7 Daniel signed my iPod, because Adam didn't.

I wish Adam and the crew all the best for the upcoming shows. Whoever can know or say, will I ever see Owl City live again? When can we do this again? When can I see you again? When can we do this again? When can I see you again?

Dreams don't turn to dust.

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