Monday, January 7, 2013

Belated beginning, oHey!

I am back! Bet you didn't expect that.

Too much has happened after last post.

2012 was one of the very best year I had lived throughout my life. To sum up why it was great to me; my nephew, Aimar was born on February 22nd. I finished my foundation program in the same month. I started working in a bakery shop, first job ever in life. I finally decided what I posses to do in the future (still not 100 percent clear the picture there, but there's something). I moved far far away from home where I lived since I was born. I had intense excess of feels eg. homesick - I like really know now how it feels like to actually miss people like fo real. I learned about responsibility, maturity and cartoons. I lost some pals, yet I met new ones. Got a new lover HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA not. Biggest life wish came true when I went to my favourite ever musician on planet earth's concert. Another dream granted to travel around UK with close mates. I met Ellie Goulding. I met David Hasselhoff and I do not kid you. I found happiness. I was slapped with a pang of proof that dreams are not just dreams. The idea of possibilities are...... can I just smile and cry and appreciate and feel hugely grateful to God Almighty because He is the reason for all of this to happen to me. Another year of change and jolly, a so much better version.

Hi 2013.

A new year's resolution: to not lose anymore companion that I happen to care about, but I just don't show it (unless they pass away).

Christmas break just ended. Now I am on my first week of Spring term..

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