Monday, January 28, 2013

"Winter Break In The UK" Videos Are Now Available

I promised some people I'll get back to them on these... a month ago. hihihihihihi.

Sorry, just that I've been very busy with course works and real-life after the holidays with classes and lectures so this task has been put on delay, but fret no more cause I've finally produced this video montage last weekend. I wanted to personally give the .mov files to people who asked for it esp Ha and Ili and make like a special film premiere and watch it and reminisce em together with feels or something but being too way far away makes that out of the question.

This film you're gonna watch down here tells a story of some kids wondering around the South East of England (where I live) and up till the high north, Manchester. Unfortunately, the filmmaker(me) didn't capture much of the starting of the adventure in a form of "moving visual images" aka videos, so this first part is presented as photographs montage and only some bit of cool videos. At least they're the "I promise you" cool ones inc. David Hasselhoff, memes and ELLIE GOULDING. 

This is the second part of the trip video. In this part of the video contains footage that I shot in Liverpool, London and Oxford. I guess I should explained this by now; while I was on my Christmas break, Ha and Ili came and visited me all the way from Malaysia, so I planned a whole round (well not really) tour of England! What you're watching down here are some random and "pointless to you, but not to me" clips that I have again, put together from a memorable collection.

Happy memories... Good times.... 

Not much that I can render, since all of the videos are handphone's camera quality. Modest and honest me say I'm no professional in this hahaha. I wasn't sure how to keep certain quality as I scaled the video. Idk I feel like punching your throat because exporting a single video takes an awful endless amount of time. Though all that I still spent one whole day with a friendly company called Adobe Premiere for these, so you better enjoyed them as you watched them! Sank you if you do.

and again with the thanks to my friends; the ones who has their faces, names and whatsoever related in the videos. You seriously rule.

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