Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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Things are getting more nerve-recking now that we have less than a month till the event. What I do everyday these past few weeks and some more weeks to come is managing my time and action plan between school courseworks and this production, but I kid you not, I feel so good as this is a first time experience working with theatre team. Praying hard everyday that it will turn out a success. I just love working on a project despite all the drama, stress, tears and blood(?) and to work with fellow Malaysians in Uni that is not in Malaysia? and to be appointed as Head of Media and Design department? Kinda another dream come true..

Brief info on the event:
University of Portsmouth Malaysian Society presents Malaysian Night 2013. A night promising a tale of love and despair entitled KEBAYAN: The Untold Story; instilled with magnificent cultural performances as well. 
Taking place at the dignified and beautiful Kings Theatre, Portsmouth this upcoming March 27.
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